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Eff why am I not there

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I got new shorts.

Perfume - “Cling Cling” initial thoughts

"Cling Cling" - not as bad as "Laser beam" (IMO their worst single) but not their best. The return of super auto tuned flat Perfume English around the chorus. The verses harmonize like in "Glitter" which took time to get used to.

"Hold Your Hand" - super saccharine, like "Kasuka no Kaori/I still love u" sweet with "Hurly Burly" hwrmony. Thank you Nakata for not making this slow tempo. I can forgive all the "hey baby". The instrumental break after the chorus reminds me of "Nee".

"Display" - WHY IS IT SO SHORT IT NEEDS TO BE SIX MINUTES LONG SO MUCH BUILD UP. I pray for an extended mix soon or else I will lose it. Also Nocchi sings "Display" really bluntly.

"Ijiwaruna Hello" - The hellos are long to me. For some reason I can see a less refined version of this on Triangle replacing "Zero Gravity". No bass drop.

Sia - Free the Animal

Detonate me, Shoot me like a cannon ball
Granulate me, Kill me like an animal
Decapitate me, Hit me like a baseball
Emancipate me, Free the animal, free the animal

Ecstatically violent

Repeating feelings

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Perfume - DISPLAY (short version)

Fuuuu Fuuuu Fuuuu
Feeling through my heart

THIS is how you do product placement. Own it. Feel it. Live it. In flawless, 2160p 4K color


I’ve come up with a word for how I’ve been feeling lately. I have skills but no master. I am not defenseless. I have honor. I am for hire.

I am a ronin.


28. The last time you laughed hard

Last night, I was at Cantina and the table next to us had chicken wings that smelled divine, even though I know that the bar just took that out of a Costco bag, grilled it, and served it with ranch. So, I complimented the table on their food and they actually offered me their last wing. I ate it with gusto down to the bone and gave it back to show my appreciation. They laughed at how clean I had eaten it because their leftovers still had meat on them, which I did not go to town on because that’s gross. So we all had a good laugh. Don’t mess with me when I’m hungry and/or drunk.

I hope to look as good as Toshiro Mifune one day.